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       At your core is the need for relationships. As John Donne said: "No man is an island." The problem is, despite your best attempts, you can still find yourself feeling alone, stressed, and unloved. Trinity Psychological Services will help you build the intimate and trusting relationships we all need in order to lead a peaceful and happy life.

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    About TPS    

Trinity Psychological Services was founded in order to bring hope and relief to those struggling with the stresses of life. The mission of TPS is to provide good mental healthcare while always upholding the dignity and worth of every person that comes in for help. Moreover, the goals you have will always focus on how to surround yourself with good and healthy relationships.

Here are common reasons why others have sought out TPS:


Setting Healthy Boundaries

Improving Communication

Healing from Past Wounds

Learning Forgiveness

Pornography Addiction

Emotional Regulation

Anger Management


Dr. Stevens attended the College of William and Mary for his undergraduate work and graduated from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences with his Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.). He moved to Nebraska in 2013 in order to complete his clinical degree with Catholic Social Services. He currently serves in the Army Reserves as a Captain with a unit based out of Lincoln, NE.


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Whether it is individual, marital, or family psychotherapy, TPS uses a depth approach that allows you to focus on better understanding what is happening on the "inside" so as to better relate to others on the "outside."



Group therapy helps those who are struggling with relationships. It involves the willingness to put into practice many of the skills and new habits learned from individual therapy.



Psychological testing allows the test administrator to gather a lot of information in a short amount of time. By using proven and trusted instruments, testing can provide an in-depth look into how you think, feel, and relate to others.

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  Common Questions    

Question: If I need help, does that mean something is wrong with me?

Answer: We all have baggage that we carry with us. Seeking help is a sign of strength.

Question: How much does therapy cost?

Answer: Talk with your therapist about this. It varies depending on what service is provided.

Question: Do you take insurance?

Answer: Yes! I am in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tricare, Medicare, Aetna, Midlands Choice, and several other insurance panels.

Question: How long does therapy last?

Answer: Therapy can last for several months. I always try to be honest with people about this...10+ years of problems will not be resolved in a few weeks. My approach is to take therapy one week at a time.

Question: Is group therapy effective?

Answer: Absolutely! The main point of group is to learn how to relate to others with good communication, healthy boundaries, and honesty and concern for each other.

Question: Can you prescribe medication?

Answer: No, unfortunately. Psychologists cannot prescribe, whereas psychiatrists can prescribe.


Question: What type of therapy is best for me?

Answer: We can tailor the approach to fit your needs. Part of the therapeutic work is setting goals, finding an effective strategy to reach those goals, and working closely with the therapist to make sure you are on the right track.



4535 Normal Blvd. Suite 201

Lincoln, NE 68506

Tel: 402-646-8758


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